Island Getaway

It was a lovely mini vacation that left me wondering whether to ever come back to the city. No, not really. I pictured myself as an island girl, with a little shop on the side of the road; where I would sell handmade ocean related crafts and jewelry. Yes, as always a dreamer. Then I thought of how much I would miss my family and friends, and came back to reality. It was unforgettable. From the nice hard working people there, to the mellow atmosphere, I was enchanted. Catalina is a lovely place to visit, and maybe someday stay a while longer. I am posting pictures of my favorite places and things I experienced during my stay.

       Catalina Island -City of Avalon

Artist at work on the top of a cliff looking down at the marina.
We did the Zip Line Eco Tour and it was exciting to zip down while enjoying the amazing scenery.
A school of dolphins follows the ferry boat we rode in.

This shop had really cute crafty souvenirs and old fashioned metal signs which I had to have one of.
I want to make one of these windchimes myself. This was the Hen House, a little gift shop I discovered and loved.
My babyboy, well big boy. He is looking at the fish during our Undersea Tour. Anyone who enjoys the wonder of the ocean will like this tour. The fish are fed during the tour, so that you can watch them swimming right infront of your eyes in their natural habitat.
Enjoying the sun on this beautiful day.
 Catalina view point from the Avalon Scenic Tour, which takes you around the island.

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