Diet & Exercise

College weight or post-baby weight? It’s been too long since I felt confident about myself in the body image category. I am not over weight but, I am far from being fit physically. As I’ve gotten older my energy level has fallen drastically, and I felt the desire to try to loose ten pounds. When I complained to my doctor about my lack of energy, the first thing he asked was if I exercised. So I decided to go on a diet which seemed doable with my busy schedule. The Military diet does not require too much prep work ( like cooking). So far in 2 days I have lost 5 pounds and the hardest day of this diet is tomorrow, Valentines Day! What have I gotten myself into. No chocolate!!! That’s okay. I’m getting used to not having all the sweets and carbs I usually intake on a daily basis. This diet allows for one sweet treat at the end of the day, which is what may have drawn me to give it a try. Looking forward to my weigh-in on Friday. Next comes the working out part which is mentally the hardest one for me. I get to rest 4 days off the diet and then back on again for three days. So in those four days I gotta be working out to get the best results. Actually I should be doing some type of exercise daily. More vigorous exercise on the days off. Mind over matter right?

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