Favorite Apps

I want to share my new favorite apps. The Beautifulmess app helps me add messages and doodles to my pictures. This app was created by sisters Elsie and Emma of A Beautifulmess blog, making blogging so much more creative. The HeyHey Pix app was created by artist Bue the Warrior. HeyHey Pix will add funny little features and characters to any picture you like. See how I used them below. I love them both. Hope you check them out, and have fun using them too. 

I added a message to my picture using the BeautifulMess app. It captured exactly what I felt when I saw this picture I took of my son at the beach.
For this picture of the squirrel wearing a CSUN logo shirt, I used the Hey Hey Pix app to add little characters to the picture. I also added a phrase, which suited the picture just right. Funny right?

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