Blazer, Shorts & Heels

I had been dying to try this look! I haven’t worn heels in so long. Since I don’t work in an office anymore, I’m usually in flats all day. When I go out, I usually go for single heel shoes, or platforms. These heels are my favorite. They’re from BCBG, I got them years ago but they’ve been in a box forever. I am fascinated by strappy heels, just love all the different lines and details to them. The horizontal, criss cross, vertical, parallel lines, oh the possibilities…Now I’m rambling…moving on to the blazer. I needed it for an interview and when I saw the color at this little store in the mall, I just had to have it. The brand is called Ambiance and it cost under $20.00. The shorts were a gift and they are from a brand called Just Ginger. They are so cute and comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all summer. The sunnies in the first pic are from Banana Republic. I will totally wear this outfit the next time I go out.

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