Washi Tape DIY

I had other plans for these glass jars and bottle. I was going to use paint on them to fancy them up, but I just hadn’t gotten around to buying the colors I wanted. Then I saw these stylish washi tapes at Target, and I just knew what I had to use them on. What do you think? I’ve been collecting these jars from spaghetti sauces, jams, and even the new Starbucks bottles, which have and interesting cylinder shape to them. I took the labels off, but they were just too plain. To take off the labels I soaked the jars in hot water for about 30 minutes, and the labels peeled right off fairly easily. The Starbucks bottle label needed more help coming off. I read that nail polish remover worked well to peel labels off glass, so I gave that a try. It worked, after about ten mins of polishing it with cotton balls. The last step was the easiest and most fun part, choosing the washi tape for each bottle and wrapping it around. That was it. Now I have some cool looking storage for my paint brushes, and tools.

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