Mindful Self-Talk

I felt compelled to write about this subject because I hear people I know talk badly about themselves, and each time I do I can’t help but try to turn this around for them. Negative self talk and thinking is not only hurtful to you but, it can also affect those around you. Mostly those people who they themselves don’t feel so great about something in their own lives. To me it is a self fulfilling prophecy. You say you are dumb, then you will start to make wrong choices. You start to believe all these negative ideas about who you think you are at a certain moment in time. Maybe the action you might have taken was not the best but, you and only you can change it around. For kids especially, when they don’t do something well, may feel badly about themselves. We should encourage ourselves, and others to try again, not to dwell on our mistakes or make them who we are. We are human and not perfect. Staying mindful of what we think and say about ourselves can help us learn to be better, and do better. Next time you start to feel sorry for yourself, or talk negatively about yourself, STOP. Change it into a positive thought or idea, and see how much better you start to feel, your outlook on who you are will start becoming a little more brighter.

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