Pop Art

On a trip with friends and family I discovered this little art gallery with my favorite kind of art…Pop Art. The gallery is called Wall Street Gallery in Malibu, CA. This was such a breath of fresh air, and just what I had been craving for some time now. Art, Art, Art! Enjoy!
I love this piece because I truly believe in what it says. It is definitely inspiring.
Woah, can you spot all the famous iconic people and Pop culture symbols on this wall? The one and only Dalai Lama is looking mighty cool in those shades up on the very top.
My favorite Graffiti artist of all time, Jean Michel Basquiat in the middle there. I admire him for his ability to create what he felt with no boundaries or excuses.
There as you see on the top stands Einstein with such a wise quote written on his sign.
I thought this piece was interesting, and I’m kind of still trying to figure it out. Any ideas? Gun control?
This monkey makes me think of Michael Jackson’s Bubbles, and I love the message he spray painted. So smart.
Of course, what is a bigger pop culture icon than Mickey Mouse? I think he is the biggest one of them all. 

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