My Secret to Healthy Glowing Skin

I’ve been meaning to blog about my journey through juicing and share with you what it has done for me mentally and physically. Through juicing once or twice a day I realized that my skin began to look more fresh, smooth, and even toned. My friend Natily even said it was glowing, haha. I give all the credit to all the juice I’ve been drinking lately. Not only do I have more energy, and feel good, I get to look good too. I know it’s all related. I noticed that on the days I don’t juice, I feel more tired than usual. It is a great way to start my day. So, this is my secret to great skin. The benefits of juicing are endless, but for those that don’t really like fruits and veggies, I hope thinking of the good you are doing to yourself from the inside out helps. Give it a try for at least a week, and you will see what I mean. You may even get a few compliments on your skin, I know I have. Try it, you won’t regret it!
Here are two of my favorite juices:
Juice #1

2 green apples

1/2 cup parsley
2 cups kale
2 oranges
1 cup of water of coconut water
Juice #2

2 carrots

2 oranges
1 Apple
Tsp of fresh ginger
1 cup of water of coconut water


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