Votive DIY

Have you thought about how to fancy up your dinner table for the holidays? How about some glitter votives? This DIY idea was simple enough , and not too pricey. Hope you like it!

Materials Required:
1. painter’s tape
2. glass container
3. glitter spray
4. string for measuring

Glitter Votive Steps:

1. Use a piece of string to measure around the glass, so that they will be evenly spray painted.Tie a knot around the string to use for the rest of the glass containers.
2. Use painter’s tape to cover the top half of the glass container you want to leave clear. Then remove string. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all votives to be painted.
3. Make sure you shake the glitter spray well before spraying glass, and spray a few  times away from the glass before spraying directly on it. 
4. Spray the glitter at least 6 to 8 inches from the glass.
5. Let the sprayed glass dry for about an hour to make sure it dries completely.
6. Remove tape & enjoy your new fancy votives!

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