“Just Do It.” Kicks

I sort of had a relaxing weekend. I did my usual weekend chores, laundry, vacuum, ext. Other than that I had one more birthday celebration to attend to. It was Brendan’s (my very good friend’s son) birthday , who is one of my favorite little people in the world. He turned seven. It was a sporty kind of birthday. I enjoyed helping gather all the kids for a game of basketball relay race. This included some funny comments from the kids, when presented with the tasks they had to do to complete the race. In the end they all got prize, which was all in good spirit. Some laughs with friends, and good talk was had.
I wore this-laid back style, with my new Nikes (that I adore). The tank is from Old Navy’s active wear collection, and I highly recommend it. It is light with breathable stretchy fabric. It’s great for a workout, or just to hang in. I was comfortable and relaxed. Also, my workout buddy is back from her trip. I can’t wait to start on our usual workout routine again! This tank will be put to some good use. 
Tank & Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Nike
Bracelets- Gifts from my sister and friend

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