Adidas Love

Adidas Love

The new variety of Adidas sneakers have stolen my heart. They remind me of my love for Hip Hop so much. After all it was the preferred sneaker of choice for the Rap group Run D. M.C. (If you don’t know who they are, do google them!) I loved Hip Hop so much growing up. I even wrote a paper on it for my Linguistics class in college. I actually studied Hip Hop for a minute. Haha!  Now I love all kinds of music, but in my teens, that was my number one love.


The new bright Adidas’ colors and styles are designed perfectly for a street style look, with some fancy on the side. They can make any casual outfit look much more stylish. Don’t you think? I certainly do. Well, with so many great styles, it’s hard to pick just one. What is a girl on a budget to do? Which is your favorite? Help me pick please.


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