What's that on your face?

 I’m wearing Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, and Stila Sheer Pressed Powder. I’ve been using a combination of these three products lately.  

My daily wear one is the Maybelline BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Protector, I love it!!!! Love it because it gives me a full light coverage, which looks very natural. On top of that, it has Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I am big on sunblock. Now in my 30’s it is a total must have. 

Claims to: Blur imperfections, Enhance, Brighten, Adjust to skin-tone, Smoothen skin, Hydrate, Offer Sun Protection, and is free of oils and heavy ingridients. 

I feel that it does all those things, and makes me feel like I have very smooth skin complexion.

My next weekly wear one is the Stila Sheer Pressed Powder. Now this product is great when I want a more matt finished look. It is sheer, therefore very light. I like this because, I am not a fan of CAKE face. I hate feeling like I just smeared a pile of whip cream frosting on my face, that oily, greasy feeling. Not me at all! So this powder is perfect because it is translucent enough to add a touch of flawlessness. It does hide tiny imperfections, scars, etc. 

Claims to: provide natural finish, even skin tone, control shine, set foundation/concealer, leave skin feeling luxuriously smooth, soft and silky.

I do agree, it takes away my shine, and sets foundation or concealer very well. As far as leaving my face feeling luxuriously smooth, soft, and silky…uh not so much. It feels a little dry, but my skin does look extra smooth. Hehe!
Now to my every so often used item, the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. This is an awesome product because you need just a tiny amount of it to get full coverage under the eye area. It is thick without being clumpy. I dab it on after applying moisturizer on my face and it goes on very smoothly. I’ve also worn this product without moisturizer. Guess what? I don’t get any creases happening under the eye area on it’s own. I follow it up with powder or the BB Cream. It does make me look much more refreshed, even after only getting 4 hours of sleep sometimes! (Now I don’t recommend doing that, after all we need our beauty sleep!)

Claims to: Offer full coverage, a creaseless look, be waterproof, have long wearability.

I agree with it’s claims completely!

I love all the products, and highly recommend. Also for those with sensitive skin like myself, they do not irritate my skin at all. A major plus!
 Hope to be back soon with an outfit post. Until then, have a beautiful rest of your week everyone! Thanks for reading and visiting always. 
Much Love, 

maracuja creaseless concealer Sheer Pressed Powder     

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