Canary Yellow

How are you all doing?  I haven’t posted in a week since I’ve been working so much, and needed some rest. I was so exhausted that I didn’t even attempt to go out and shoot some style posts. Yeah, it’s been tough. Well, instead I’m bringing you some awesome art by Fin Dac. Do you love it? I sure do. Love everything about it, from the city and grafitti in the background, the pop of color, down to the Andy Warhol Banana T-shirt the girl is sporting!:)) 
I was lucky to snap this picture over the weekend at the L.A. Times Book Festival. It was so much fun. I was there for the books but it was such a great surprise to get to see some art there as well. If you are loving this piece of art check out more from the artist here.
You may know by now that art inspires my style. If you didn’t know, now you know. Canary Yellow has become a favorite of mine, like so many vibrant colors are for me. It just makes me smile, and draws me in. You will probably see me wearing it more often. How do you feel about Canary Yellow? Love it, or not so much? 

P.S. Check out my Instagram for more cool artsy stuff I got into this past weekend here

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