Street Style Love

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. For those who celebrated Thanksgiving and traveled far to spend time with loved ones, hope it was a fun trip! I spent it with my family here in L.A. and had a wonderful time. First time we didn’t eat turkey and opted to go to a restaurant. Food was great! In the morning I had to have me a slice of pumking pie :)) That just makes me so happy. Crazy how a little treat can make you feel so good. 

This is one of my favorite shoots recently because my friend and I did a wallcrawl in Downtown L.A. My friend thought this wall was perfect for this street style outfit. Most of the pieces I’m wearing are from H&M. I love the all so much. These jeans are my favorite right now, I want to buy more of them because it’s not always the case that you find the perfect pair of jeans, right? They are super comfortable in the most stretchiest of fabrics. My Stan Smith Adidas I’ve had for almost 2 years and they are my most favorite tennies because of the leopard print detail. They are one of my precious things. lol! I have to say that street style speaks to me so much and it’s what I feel the most like myself in because I am was a city kid. I spent half my childhood in the city of San Francisco where my heart still beats. 
 Here’s to hoping you catch some great Black Friday deals lovelies! 
Beannie: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Jacket: Newchic
Shirt: H&M

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