New Sephora Century City

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the new Sephora store in 
Century City. It was such a fun event, and sharing it with my girlfriends was even better. Now I get to share it with you all. If you are into beauty as much as I am you will definitely enjoy this. Take a peek at what I experienced along with my favorite beauty picks I found at the store.
The treats were delicious and so pretty to look at.

My go to drink for the night! I fell in love with it. :))

My jaw dropped when I saw what Urban Decay did with my favorite artist’s work! I seriously could not believe my eyes. I have loved Basquiat for over 10 years. Now Urban Decay has a line featuring his art. Even though I hardly ever wear any eye shadow, I may just buy it for the cover!

I loved this lippy in natural pink. Actually really bright pink and I adore it! 

This baby was so cool. It’s a computer that will let you smell your scent based on a little questionaire you fill out on the screen. In less then a minute it will bring up different perfumes they sell at Sephora that you may fall in love with based on your answers. It will also spray out a mist with a particular scent made just for you. Cool right?
My friend Jackie trying on some samples.

Can’t wait to try so many of these masks. Sephora’s own line. 
Hope you enjoyed this mini tour through this new Sephora. Also let me know what you think of my favorite things in the store!
*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and ideas are my very own. 

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