Fitness for the Soul

                                       Stepping out for a jog. Shoes set, mind ready. Go!

All my life I’ve had a pretty fast metabolism and never had to do much to stay fit, up until I turned 30 and all of that changed. I began feeling tired and with a lack of energy most of the day. My body felt heavy and I began having body aches from my feet, to my back. It was an awful feeling. To make a long story short, I had enough of this overwhelming feeling of fatigue. I had a physical done including blood tests, and to my surprise everything was normal. My doctor suggested that I start a regular exercise routine asap. “Oh no!” I thought. The one thing I don’t really enjoy doing. Well, that was over a year ago and I finally caved in. Mentally I was not ready to do the job. Yes, it is a job. A job that I don’t regret doing anymore because it has brought back a feeling of lightness, freedom, and endless possibilities back into my life. I hate the gym, but I LOVE the outdoors. Walking amongst nature against the contrast of the city is beautiful to me. The colors of the sky,trees, flowers, grass, the grays of the sidewalks, and the multicultural blend of people that is Los Angeles. So fortunate to have had the will to take the first step,with the mantra of NIKE “JUST DO IT” in my head. Have been at it for a month now and still don’t want to quit. Shout out to my weekday fitness buddy Crystal! Thanks for inviting me to join you on your walks/runs. :))

H2O is a must.

My view while jogging was nature at it’s best. Such a treat.

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