Saving and Entertainment

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Saving my pennies is a challenge but, one that I’ve been getting better at as time goes by. My secret way to spend a night in and still be entertained is Redbox. Movies for about a dollar, who can beat that? Yes it is a one day rental and well worth the price.Check for Redbox location on line by searching your zip code for one near you. My friend had told me about it over a year ago and I was hesitant to try it. I have no idea why, maybe it was the thought about returning it the next day. I had to condition myself to do so, or else be willing to pay another dollar. No thanks! As an only parent I need all the pennies I can keep in my pocket. If you haven’t done so already, hope you give Redbox a try the next time you want to watch a new release on DVD. The savings is worth it! Check out this post on mindful spending, URL listed below.

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