Inspired by Nature and Metal

Well, it has been a long but fun journey updating my once gloomy bathroom. My bathroom has no window and it’s a bit small. I wanted a much more open feel to the space, as well as a touch of the outdoors. While looking for a piece of furniture at Ikea, I spotted a cute little fake patch of grass in a pot for about $2.00. I could not go home without it, thinking how great it would look in my gloomy bathroom. I also purchased a metal pot to replace the black one that it came in because I just liked the contrast of the green and silver. Once I got home and placed it in the bathroom, I felt the brown walls and splattered paint on some of the tiles still did not make me happy. I decided the bathroom needed a make over ASAP. It took a few months for me to get it done, but here are the before and after pics of my first ever independent paint job. I am happy with the results!

Ooooh that is messy!
That brown color was so sad.
I cleaned up all the old brown paint around that towel handle with nail polish remover. It worked great and took about two hours to get all the paint off all tiles and fixtures. No pain, no gain.

My lovely new hand towel resembles ocean waves.
This towel hook was already installed, and with a new coat of paint surrounding it, it looks brand new.
        Ta Da! It’s complete.
My inspiration.

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