Ombre Cake Inspiration

Wow, don’t you just want to take a big bite out of this lovely cake? My friend Crystal was kind enough to share her baking talent with me. She sent me the pics, and steps for making this pretty cake to share with you. Thanks Crystal! Not much of a baker myself, I admire those who love the art. Enjoy!

Crystal: Here are my steps!
I baked three 9″ round cakes. One vanilla, one strawberry, and another chocolate. After the cakes cooled, I stacked them and frosted them with white frosting. I mixed food coloring with vanilla frosting. I mixed each individual color as I went. And let me tell you, a lot frosting went into this! I used disposable piping bags, which make cleaning up easier, and a 1M star tip. I began to pipe rosettes from the bottom up and crossed my fingers everything would turn out! Mind you, I had never done this before! But after obsessing over the pictures on Pinterest and watching lots of YouTube videos on cake decorating, I got enough courage to try!

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