Exotic Cat Eye

 Hey loves! I am excited to share one of my favorite looks. My Exotic Cat Eye! Eyeliner in my opinion gives women an extra sexy umph. It makes me feel so feminine and unique.  I have been a fan of eyeliner since I was a junior in high school. A good friend of mine applied liquid eyeliner on me as we were about to rush out of our fourth period. I remember looking into a small compact mirror and falling immediately in love with my new look. Since then I have been playing around and creating different, fun, and ultra hot looks! Try this Exotic Cat Eye for your next outing and maybe you will fall in love with it, too. It is just a little twist to make your gorgeous eyes pop!
1. First using my Sonia Kushak  angled brush I begin coating Urban Decay’s Crave black eye shadow on about 1/4 of my upper eyelid. I always start with the outer corner.
2. Create a wing and work your way in. Rather than one thin line you will pack the shadow on. Try your best  make it more and more of a thick line and wing.
3. You want this to be a deep and dramatic look so do not hold back on the layers of shadow! Beauty is not just pain, it’s patience. Hehe
4. Once done coating your eyes with shadow you must remember to wipe away any fall out. At times, this step be such an annoying task if you already have foundation on. So I recommend doing your face makeup second when wearing eye shadow.
5. Next, I grab my handy dandy pointed eyeliner brush from Mac and apply Blitz and Glitz Mac gel-liner right over the shadow. Trying to make a clean straight outline. I also coat my  under eye starting from near tear duck outward as well as my entire water line.  (Does that make sense?)
6. Almost done!  Now that the eyeliner is perfected, onto mascara!  Eep! I obsessed with my new Mac Mascara! Highly recommended for all lash types!  Mine are thick and the mascara separates and extends my lashes like no other. Just a few coats should do. Now you have the Exotic Cat Eye look!

P.S. If you’d like you can always substitute gel liner for liquid liner. It is whatever you prefer or feel comfortable with. I suggest beginners use gel-liner so it is easy to wipe away and fix mistakes. If you do try this look make sure to make a post or comment, I’d love to see what you have done!
                                         Much Love, 

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