Red, I Fancy You

Yes it’s spring time, and pastels are so in, but red is good any day of the year for me. It is the color of love, the most eye catching of colors, and photographs beautifully. A pop of red can make an outfit command attention. 
It is often the color worn by protagonists in plays, movies, or televion. Even a hint of it, such as in pink, or hot pink will be used to show case a main character. This fact tickled my fancy when my Drama History professor discussed it in college. It was like I had just learned a pretty little secret. 
It is one of my favorite colors, because I have so many I love, I can’t choose just one. Yet, Red holds a very dear place in my heart. What do yoy think of the color? Like it, or not so much? Enjoy your weekend, and I’d love to read your comments! 

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