A Sprinkle of Love

Recently my sister Claudia and I had a baby shower at my sister’s place for one of our best friends, who is really more like a sister to both of us. We love her so much!
Claudia called this little party a “Baby Sprinkle”. Long story behind that, for those of you who don’t have babies, or are not aware that such things as “Baby Sprinkles” exist. Do look it up though, it’s kind of a thing in the baby party world. 
Here are the pics of the Baby Sprinkle, which my sister Claudia coordinated with so much love. I was a   helper, yay! I love putting things together also, but Claudia is an expert in parties. She has a passion for baking, cooking, and parties! I think just as much as I love art, design and photography. One thing we both share is a passion for fashion, and that I love. Enjoy the pics.

My sister Claudia who made it all possible on a budget!
It’s amazing what a little love can do. 

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