Come Play With Me!

A playsuit is what I’m on the hunt for, and I’ve been for quiet a while now. A playsuit, romper, or jumper,  if you so prefer, my heart desires just the right one. With so many choices out there, I needed some inspiration. 
I am so picky sometimes when it comes to clothes. I like uniqueness! I don’t like to wear something that everyone has. I love trends because they are fun, but I like them with a little tweek here and there. These 3 types of styles jumped out at me after studying them for a bit…maybe a bit too long. After all this, I’m still not sure which I love the most.
1. The bold printed suits.
2. The fitted or more tailored suits.
3. The lace suits. 
They are all unique in their own way. Aren’t they? Anyways, I’ll be on the hunt for now since I also like a good price. Some of my choices are not as affordable as others. It just so happens that the pricey ones are my faves. Let me know which you prefer, and cheers to a great weekend ahead! :))

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