Tasty Cocktail

I am not much of a bartender, but I love tasty drinks. There is nothing worst than going to a restaurant and buying an expensive drink, and having it taste awful. 

Now my sister can make some great drinks. So, I decided if she can do it, I could give it a try myself. I prefer drinks with Vodka over Tequila any day. So I decided to make the cocktail using Vodka, straberries, and cranberrie juice, and Ginger Ale. Simple right? Let me tell you, it did not disappoint, it was mighty tasty! 

Do you have any preferred tasty drinks? Do share. Cheers to the coming weekend! :))
1. One shot of Vodka
2. Handful of frozen strawberries
3. 1 cup of cranberrie Juice

4. 1 cup of Ginger Ale

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