Leaf Halo

Not sure what it is about the coming Autumn that makes me feel so crafty. Maybe it’s the shorter days of sunlight, more time inside the house to do more indoor activities. Hmmm, maybe that is it. What ever it is, I got the crafty bug recently.
I really like the flower crowns that have become so popular lately. I’ve seen so many bloggers sport them with their outfits. Personally, I don’t like it when something becomes so mainstream that it is not as special to me anymore. Like when a song you love is overplayed on the radio. Have your ever felt that way? So…despite how lovely flower crowns are, you won’t see me sporting one over here.

I decided to make a leaf halo instead. Like what the Ancient Greeks used to wear. I’ve always loved the Ancient Greek attire so much, that I was a Greek Goddess once for Halloween. I find leaf halos to be so beautiful because they are nature inspired. Nature’s beauty is a marvelous source of inspiration for me. Visually, and mentally it gives me so much happiness to be surrounded by it.


Supplies: Needle & thread, Gold spray paint, scissors, plastic leaf branches, a cardboard or newspaper, plastic gloves.

1. Cut the leaf branches to the desired size, so measure around your head.
2. Outdoors lay branch on top of cardboard or newspaper.
3. Using gloves, shake spray can well before spraying 2-3 inches away from branches.
4. Let it dry completely for about 15 minutes.
5. Sew the ends of branches together by the leaves to form a round shape. Since plastic is pretty tough, you will have to wrap the thread around the ends also, because the needle will not be able to pierce easily through the thick plastic stems.


So I hope you like my nature inspired DIY. It was fairly easy to do, and I’m sure you can apply these instructions to flower crowns too if you like! Minus the gold spray paint, if you want a natural looking headpiece. :))


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