I’ve been away from the blog for two weeks because I was busy planning and preparing for my trip to Washington D.C. for the Women’s March. So much planning went into this trip. Number one, I had to make sure my son was on board with me going. After all I wasn’t just going on a short trip. I was going to be part of a mass protest to stand up for not only women’s rights, but for the rights of thousands of people who’s lives will be undeniably changed by the laws established by the current U.S. government. I say government because it is the entire government that is responsible for passing the laws for the country, not just the president.

 I marched for all of those people whose lives have become more difficult by the discriminating words that were used against them by the current U.S. president. Words that instilled fear, hatred, and animosity towards people of different nationalities, abilities, color, and religious values in the minds of closed minded individuals in this country. 
Sharing my experience here with you all because freedom, love, and equality are things that I believe are essential to living a good life. Those things have been threatened by the current presidency. The march to me represented a chance for my voice to be heard along with the thousands of people around the world. 

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