Embroidered Pleated White Dress

Happy August everyone! I’m enjoying the summer and making the best out of all my weekends here in Southern Cali. I’ve been taking small trips visiting friends and family along the coast. I get to see my loved ones and visit my love…the beach. It’s the best of both worlds. Nature and loved ones rolled up into my summer days. Also getting back on track with my studies because I took some time off to recollect and get centered. Life and circumstances sometimes have to come first before your goals. Priorities need to be tweeked a bit. I’m okay with it all now, but for half of the year I struggled with a few things, that are now much better. It’s time for me to refocus on myself and my goals. Keep it moving! 

 This pleated white dress has been in my closet for 2 years! Yes, really. I just forgot about it, and the one time I was going to wear it, I left it at home. So sad. After cleaning out my closet the past few months, selling, and donating, I found this pretty gem. So here it is, do you remember anyone wearing this dress a few years ago. I saw it on Pinterest and I hunted it down. It’s from Shein. Though it’s no longer in stock, I have linked a few similar dresses for you if you like it. I’m a sucker for pleated dresses!! Are you?  Please share in the comments, and also your thoughts on what helps you stay focused on your goals!
Much Love, 
Dress: Shein (similar here, and here)

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