Sea Salt for the Soul: Boho Style

Hello from the California Coast that I adore! I’ve been having so much fun out and about lately, working (45 hours a week), doing the mom thing, helping friends, creating content for the blog/Instagram, editing, and doing a few photography side gigs like I do once in a while. I am  not going to lie and say that all this doesn’t get me tired. As a matter of fact I think I maybe overdoing it a bit. Meaning I have little time to just rest and charge my energy long enough to keep me going at 100%. Sometimes all this running around can get a bit overwhelming and my brain gets the best of me. I get anxious about getting things done, and done well, regardless of what it may be. This can cause me to get down on myself, sleep late, and simply start to neglect my physical and emotional well being. Sometimes it gets so bad that I kind of get stuck without being able to do very little because I get so overwhelmed. I feel crazy for feeling the way I feel, and bad because I feel like I don’t know where to start. Such a mess, right? Can you really be the best at everything? The answer is NO! Of course you can’t. I am not Wonder Woman, although I try.

I’m listing here all the things that I do and have a adopted into my life as a way of finding inner peace when my anxiety gets to be at an all time high. 

1. Think of what I can do to solve the problem that is causing my anxiety.

2. Tell someone I trust about the problem to help me process my emotions.

3. Take action or accept that which is making me anxious if it is not under my control to change it.

4. Go somewhere I enjoy (also known as the beach!) Sometimes it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and haven’t gotten around to it. I just call a friend up and I’m off, because it’s always more fun to share it with someone!

5. Practicing Mindfulness has done wonders for me and it’s something that I recommend anyone to look into, study, research, learn, and practice.

Dress: Amazon Fashion- R. Vivimos

Being mindful to be gentle with myself, kind, and allow myself to just be okay with where I am and what I’m doing with my time puts things into perspective. I live in the present and I’m thankful for the things I have, and people I love in my life. Hope this helps anyone struggling with anxiety, because I know how difficult and paralyzing it can be at times. For me the sea keeps me sane and makes my soul happy. A pretty boho style dress doesn’t hurt either (linked above!) :))

Much Love, 


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