Festive Nails

Today is Independence Day! I bring you a spirited nail art DIY. Hope you like it and will give it a try. Of course using whatever design, and colors your heart desires. It was simple enough, and turned out pretty good. :))
1. Cut washi tape into strips, save it for step 3.

2. Apply first color coat to all nails, and let it dry for an hour. 
    I suggest you also use a fast drying clear coat over the first color, to speed up drying time.
3. Place washi tape strips onto nails. Make sure to apply it firmly, flattening it out completely over nail. 
    This is key to preventing nail polish from seeping under the tape destroying your design.
4. Paint over washi tape using your desired second color. Let it dry for 20 mins.
5. Remove washi tape, and finish off your nail design by adding a clear top coat.

                                                            Much Love,

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