Finding Your Happy Place

Though I’ve said it many times, some of you who just found my blog may not know that I have a happy place which I frequent very often. Here it is, with it’s glorious beauty…the ocean. I thought I’d share these two pictures from my Instagram with you. 
The first one is something I thought of in one of my deep thought moments, haha. I think of things sometimes and write them down, when I feel it’s something that I want to always remember. I added this thought to one of my beach pictures, because I felt it belonged there. The picture of me was taken over the weekend by my cousin Jose who was visting from San Francisco. We had a blast!

So there you have it. My happy place. Where is yours? Do you have a special place where you feel most at peace, and at home? A place that inspires you? I would love to know. After all, I like to be inspired! :))

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