Let's Get Cozy

Let's Get Cozy

Hola!  Thanksgiving week is here, and I am loving the fact that I get to be home this week. I finished my second Photoshop project early, turned it in, and now time to chill a bit. Family is coming over for Thanksgiving, and all the preparations are on their way. I was in charge of drinks and horderves this year. Also some decorating is on my plate, but that is just fun stuff for my sister and I. Easy right?  What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you celebrate it if you’re in the States? 

Since I will be home, no need to dress up much. So, I’ll be wearing something like this! Yes, a cozy outfit is in store for me. Layering is my favorite thing about Fall and Winter. Comfortable to me is a little sporty with a touch of chic. What is your cozy style? There are so many styles to choose from, but nothing beats comfort! 

Since it is Thanksgiving and even if it weren’t, I thank you all for your visits to my blog. I thank you for inspiring me with your comments, and for your fresh outlooks when I visit your blogs. Life is sweeter when you share it with others always. Have a blessed and wonderful week everyone!

Much Love, 
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