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Happy December you amazing, creative, fashion and Art Lovers out there! This is the last month of my Fall semester studying Graphic Design. Well, the end of my very first class. It flew by so quickly, just like this whole year has. I’m sharing my works here for those that have not seen them on my Instagram. 

I love Paul Walker. So sad that he is no longer physically with us, but he will forever be in the hearts of many. We had to choose an L.A. native for the Pop Art portion of the assignment. I chose him as my inspiration because he is definitely a part of Pop Culture to me.
Hope you all enjoy my Pop Art interpretation of Paul Walker, along with the other two pieces you see on the last picture. The one on the left is Cubism Art, and the one on the right is Surrealism Art. It was harder than it may appear. Being my very first three part project, it was definitely time consuming. I loved it though! :))

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