This is what tired and trying to shoot an outfit post looks like….first time on my own with a tripod. I always have one of my really good friends shoot my pics for me, and lately I don’t feel like bothering anyone. I decided to try shooting on my own, so this is the result. About 30 shots later, I got two semi decent, not so blurry pictures. The problem was that I used a self timer. The running back and forth took a toll on me and these heels. I even tripped over the tripod one time as I was going to reset the timer, hehe! Yeah, I think it’s pretty funny now, not at the time. If you can tell by the lack of a smile on the pictures, it was exausting. I will definitely invest on a wireless remote control shutter for next time!! Enough ranting for now about my technical deficulties. On to my outfit!
I’m wearing one of my old strapless tulle dresses under my new sweatshirt. I’ve been wanting a tulle skirt, but I can’t decide on the color. I happened to have this dress that did just fine for the look I was going for.Tulle makes me feel like a ballerina, simply adore it. The sweatshirt is from Banana Republic, and I got it for half price during their Christmas sales this past December. French being one of my favorite languages, I couln’t resist! Heels are from Zara, I think I got them a little over a year ago. The look is simple, clean, and totally girly! 

Sweatshirt-Banana Repblic//Dress-Forever21(old)//Heels-ZARA

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