Black n' White Forever

Hey, Beauties!

Recently, I have dyed my hair burgundy and I love it! (Nusheek, if you’re reading this, thank you! 😉 ) Although, I absolutely love my hair I have realized not every color in my wardrobe meshes with intense and strong burgundy. It has been a fun, sort of challenge to see what tones, styles and colors I can work with. My kind of challenge! Throughout this process, I have begun to notice just how much I truly adore a good Black & White combination.
Black n’ White goes great not only with my burgundy hair, but with EVERYTHING!  
This classic mix has been my ultimate go to throughout winter and the holidays. B&W together present an elegant, clean, and crisp look; you can never go wrong with this perfect combo. Along with your outfit you can lean towards a bright lip or a bold, fierce smokey eye. The make up and style options are limitless with Black n’ White.

Fashion icons such as Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham were my inspirations, and I hope you all are inspired by this post! 

Xx Natily

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