Le Balloon Rouge

Hello everyone! I was excited to do this ode to the film Le Balloon Rouge, also known in English as The Red Balloon. It is such an endearing film. I first watched it in my French class in High School. If you haven’t watched it, you totally should.  It won an Oscar in 1956 for best original screen play, and it’s only 34 minutes long. I guarantee you will fall in love with it.

Hope you like my little French inspired post and of course my red ballon. 
Also check out my Instagram here for a little short video I made of this photo shoot, which by the way was shot on Iphone only. The reason being is that I forgot to check my camera before I left the house. I didn’t load the SD card into the camera. :((  I really wanted to cry. By the time I got to this wall the sun was about to set, so I couldn’t afford to loose the light. Therefore we went Iphone only. Although I was sad, I tried to make the best of it. I played around with layers and I like how the pictures look sort of nostalgic, and artsy. Kind of goes great with the old film theme. Let me know what you think. 
With Love, 

Leotard-American Apparel (here)//Skirt-H&M(here)//Shoes-Gap(similar)

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