Tassels and Fringe

I feel my best in comfortable pieces, that are not only comfortable but have hidden qualities to them. I love the layering affect that is created with this light airy kimono. It is the best for these awfully hot 90 to 100 degree temperatures we’ve been experiencing here in Southern Cali. My search for the perfect kimono ended 3 to 4 months ago when I snatched this baby at Target. I searched high an low for a kimono that came with fringe just like this one. There are so many different prints, fabrics, and shapes to kimonos out there right now. The print, length, color pattern, and fringe detail is everything I was looking for. It made me so happy to finally find it! Oh yeah, and my other Target Gem is also incorporated in this look. The tassel purse which I got as a gift from my sister went perfect with this outfit!

 I love shorts so much, but I also have a bit of a conservative side when it comes to fitted bottoms. I don’t like too much exposure in the derriere area. I like to leave something to the imagination, even when the temperatures call for minimal clothing. Needless to say, this kimono gives me just what the docotor ordered, a subtle cover up with a stylish feel.
P.S. I will be in San Francisco in 3 days to see my family. After moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles at the age of eleven I missed it dearly for so long. Now that I call L. A. my home I love them both in a special way. 
 Do you have anything special planned for this long weekend Holiday? 
Kimono and Purse-Target//Shorts-H&M//Necklace & Sunglasses-Loft//
Tank &Sandals-Forever21//Hat-local store

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