Anxiously in Love

Hi Everyone! Getting a way for a bit did me some good. It made me reflect on what I want, and need to be happy. It made me realize how madly in love I am with life in general. 
I was enchanted by the beauty in my surroundings while I explored Oahu in Hawaii. Sometimes I was left speechless while walking through what seemed like magical forests, you only see in movies. Taking time to reflect without any of the noise of things that have to be done, and deadlines to meet, has left me feeling more centered and at eaze.

 I am an anxious person, and though I found ways of dealing with it, it’s still part of my life. I know there are many other people who deal with this problem and maybe talking about it can help someone else. The feelings of anxiety can be overwhelming to the point that I feel like I’m going crazy with all the things that go on in my head all at once. I worry too much about the little things and big things in my everyday life. It’s in my genes…it’s something that I’ve dealt with my entire life. 
I’ve found ways of dealing with my anxiety. Meditation, practicing mindfulness, therapy, and studying about it have helped. I’ve found that being around nature is the most effective way of relieving my feelings of anxiety. On this trip, I definitely got a good dose of  Mother Nature. I’m hoping that the calmness I felt while I was away lasts all year long. 
Styling and photography are some other outlets that help me relax, and allow me to creatively de-stress. Here in these pics, I was in my element, surrounded by nature doing the things I love. 
My dress was a birthday present to myself! I have a thing for palms. I mean look at my profile pic. They make me happy. Nature period brings a calmess over me which nothing else can. This dress is like becoming one with nature for me. It was definitely just what I needed. Love it! Hope you do too.
P.S. Thankful for my wonderful friend Christine who went on this journey with me, and shot these pics! It was a dream come true. 

Maxi Dress: Express//Sandals: Chinese Laundry– Similar(here, here)

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