Life Is What You Make It!

Life really is about what you make it, you can see it through a negative lens or as colorful as these cute balloons.

How are you? Has February been good to you so far? I had a crazy few months and you can’t tell really because I escape by creating content and blogging, try to stay positive and focus on what I can accomplish daily. It was stressful searching for a new job, resume writing, and daily online searches on job sites, all of that dealing with my son’s first year in college. My stress level was through the roof.

In the process of searching for a new job I got diagnosed with Adult ADD, gasp! That added on to my Generalized Anxiety and it was not a fun time to say the least. Yeah, no wonder I’ve had such a hard time focusing, especially when under stress. I’ve had it all my life, but didn’t know it because I have the Inattentive Type of ADD. This means that I am not hyperactive, so you wouldn’t know it since you can’t really see it. People with the Inattentive Type of ADD usually go undiagnosed for most of their lives because they don’t fit some of the usual criteria. They are many times considered lazy, or slow, lacking motivation, and the list goes on. They can hyper focus on things that are of high interest though, which I think is one of the perks :)).

My mind may be all over the place and you wouldn’t know it. I can drift off into my thoughts at the drop of a dime if I have to focus on something not of high interest to me, but I can now re-direct myself. I’m using all the strategies that I learned as a Behavior Interventionist to be able to sustain attention on tasks that are not of my preference. That means I use checklists, reminders on my phone, calendars, visual cues, and my trusty agenda to keep my life in check. Basically I am not on any medication, although I tried it. It was not for me, and I will speak more on this on another post.

Dress: ASOS (similar)

I’m happy to have a better handle on my life, and I’m sharing this here because I felt like embracing who I am, all of me. Embracing all the positive aspects off having ADD and being creative with the hurdles that come along with it is my goal. I want others who are faced with similar circumstances to feel understood, and mainly not so isolated. We all go through ups and downs, and having others in your corner goes a long way. It has for me! Creating content makes me happy and sharing it with like minded souls is even better. So this post is dedicated to all you wonderful woman, girls, ladies, and magnificent beings that support my blog and make me smile with your positivity. You make a world of a difference in my life. You rule!!




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