A Red Dress Is Always In Style

No matter what the season the color red is always in style. At least that’s how I feel. I am not shy about embracing it full on in a total red number, in touches of red lips, shoes, or accessories. It’s a warm vibrant feel good color that everyone looks good in. Although there are people that don’t like the color, it definitely leaves a lasting impression that is undeniable!

It was in theatre history class in college that I learned how the color red is used to showcase the leading lady in a theatre production. I then started noticing that it was done in movies as well. Knowing this tiny bit of history on the the color red made me appreciate and love the color even more. How about you, are you into the red?

Red Dress: ASOS-sold out (similar)

For the last year my go to place for dresses has been Asos. I love the brands they carry, and the dress selections are endless. I’m a fan of the maxi dress for sure. I have them in a few of my favorite colors, but I was missing one in red. This one looked fabulous online and it was on sale. I’ve linked a few dress that are similar for you because this one sold out already. If red isn’t for you, you may also find your favorite color there in the same style. :))




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